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Q: I am really kind of nervous about sending my camera off to a place out of state, how do I know you will take care of it?

United Camera has been in business for over 40 years and is trusted by many of the major camera manufacturers to handle their warranty work.  We also service units for all of the major extended warranty companies in the United States.  Even though you are out of state, you can even take a look inside one of our technician areas by clicking here (you may be asked to install webcam viewing software from Panasonic).

Q: I found your price quote to repair my device. Is that guaranteed?

You entered in a lot of information about your product and the repair needed before you were given a cost quote. We require all of this information because we want to give you the best estimate possible. We understand that no one wants to be told that the price will be higher than anticipated. However, if we receive your unit and the problem is substantially different than described, the price may change. Be assured, we will contact you and discuss any issues with you first before proceeding with a repair.

Q: I really damaged my product and I think I should simply throw it away. Should I contact United Camera to see if you can repair it?

As you can see here we can bring almost anything back to the original factory specifications. So yes, call us at 866.488.8227 before throwing it away.

Q: I do not know if I should repair or replace my camera. Can you assist me in making that decision?

 You may have a problem that you can easily repair yourself. Click here for troubleshooting tips. If you cannot repair the problem, use Get A Repair Quote (link) to find out the cost of the repair. If after seeing the cost, you still cannot decide whether to repair your device or 
replace it click here for some guidelines or call us at 866.488.8227

Q: How much does it cost to repair my product?

 There are four ways you can obtain your answer. You can click on Get A Repair Quote , Repair By ManufacturerRepair By Device, or use the Diagnostic Tool  to get a cost quote.

Q: What are the typical problems you see?

Some of the most common repairs we see are damaged LCD screens, malfunctioning flashes, malfunctioning 
lenses, broken battery doors and worn springs or hinges. Damage due to being dropped is also a common 
problem. All of these problems can generally be repaired for less than it costs to replace the product. Click here for more information.

Q: How can I find out if my unit is under warranty?

 Click here to find out or call us for assistance at 866.488.8227.

Q: Can the manufacturer’s warranty be denied?

While each manufacturer’s warranty policy (link to Warranty Information secondary page in Support section) is different, 
there are some fairly common exclusions. Most warranties do not cover water damage, sand damage or impact damage 
resulting from a fall. If you do have accidental damage coverage, these types of events are usually covered at no 
additional charge.

Q: How long does a typical repair take?

United Camera has a large team of technicians and a large inventory of parts. This enables us to repair many 
products within a week and then ship them out. More complicated repairs and repairs of high end professional 
equipment can take a few weeks. Please feel free to call us at 866.488.8227 and we can give you a better 
estimate based on your specific device and repair problem.

Q: What if I get my device back and the problem is still there?

At United Camera, we are so confident in our repair team and quality control processes that we offer the Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee*. This guarantee ensures that if you receive your unit from us and the problem has not been corrected, we will refund the price, send UPS to pick up your unit, repair it at no cost and ship it back to you for free.

* You must call 800.488.8227 within 5 business days of receiving your unit to notify us of the problem. If the problem continues after we have worked together to solve it, we will send you a box to retrieve the unit. Upon verifying your claim, we will refund the cost of your repair and return it to you free of charge.

Q: Does United Camera warranty its repairs?

United Camera warranties its repairs against workmanship defects for six months on conventional cameras and lenses, and 90 days on all other products. Failures caused by impact, liquid, or sand are not covered by this warranty.

Q: How can I check on the status of my repair?

 Click on order status for tracking information.

Q: What information should I include with my product? And, do I need to include any accessories?

Please click here for what to include with your product and where to send it. Do not send any accessories unless they are related to the issue your device is having.

Q: I'm not sure if I want it repaired or not. How long do I have to decide?

We will hold on to your unit for 30 days.  After that it will be disposed of using a recycling company

Q: I have decided not to repair my device. Can you dispose of it for me?

Give us a call at 866.488.8227 or email us at and tell us the make, model and condition 
of your device along with your name and shipping address. Once approved, we will send you a prepaid shipping kit so
you can send it to us. We work with number of charitable organizations needing used or refurbished electronics. Or, if 
some parts cannot be salvaged, we will send it to a special recycler who will dispose of it while adhering to all the 
governmental regulations.  All unclaimed units will be disposed of after 30 days.

Repairs done right or they are free