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It Can Be Repaired

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When you have been repairing cameras, lenses, MP3s, tablets, smartphones, binoculars, gaming systems, computers and more for as long as we have, you realize that with the right expertise almost anything can be repaired. And even if it looks really damaged, it may be fairly easy to repair. Before you throw it away, you may want to read these examples of what we can repair. 

The Highly Damaged
This speed light is an example of a very common repair.
Unfortunately when a camera gets dropped, the speed light
seems to take the hit. This customer almost threw it away.
We assured her that this was an easy repair and sent it
back before she even missed it at a price that surprised her.

We did not ask the customer what happened, but we think
perhaps sandpaper was involved. No problem. It looked like
a brand new unit when we sent it back to him.

Dropped smartphones are another common repair we see. The
spider web pattern on the screen shows this phone was
dropped very hard. However, we were able to repair it.
We gained another happy customer when he opened his
repair box to find what looked like a brand new smartphone.

Repairs done right or they are free