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Why Repair?

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Before deciding whether to repair your device, see if you can correct the problem yourself by trying these troubleshooting tips. If your problem persists, it may be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace your device. Here are some guidelines to assist you in making your decision.

In these scenarios, repairing your unit probably makes sense.
  • You have a good quality camera and do not want to spend the money it would cost to replace the unit. The cost of replacing the camera does not include purchasing new batteries, lenses, and adaptors if needed.
  • You have grown comfortable with the features and functionality of your unit and do not want to learn a new one.
  • Your unit has only minor damage that can be easily and economically repaired.
  • You have a significant investment in lenses and other accessories that might not be compatible with a new unit.
  • You are concerned with the environmental impact of disposing of your old unit when you could repair it.
In these scenarios, replacing your device probably makes sense.
  • Your unit has severe water or impact damage and it is not cost effective to repair.
  • You have an older, inexpensive device that is not as functional as the new one.
  • The cost of repair significantly exceeds the price of a new unit after including the cost of purchasing new batteries, adapters and accessories.

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