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Benefits Of Using United Camera

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United Camera is a nationwide leader in the repair of cameras, lenses, flashes, camcorders, projectors, binoculars, gaming systems, smartphones, MP3s, tablets and computers. The reason for our success is our experience, quality, speed, value, guarantees and robust capabilities.

For 45 years, our factory-trained, certified technicians have been
repairing everything from heirloom cameras to the latest MP3. We rely
heavily on our experience but also understand that this industry is
constantly changing, which is why we require our technicians to take 
continuing education classes from the leaders in our field. It is also why
we invest in the latest repair equipment. 
United Camera was the first repair company in the industry to earn the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 AccreditationRecognized as the world standard of excellence, this certification is given to companies that consistently provide quality products and services, are reliable, efficient, cost effective and continually improve. The ISO 9000 Certification gives our customers unequalled confidence in dealing with United Camera.
Because of the large number of technicians we employ, exceptional parts inventory and efficient processing, we repair many units faster than the competition or manufacturer. Our Midwest location and close proximity to O’Hare International Airport enables us to ship quickly to anywhere in the country.
Since we repair thousands of cameras each week, we are able to negotiate the best prices on parts and pass these savings on to you. In addition, our efficient processes mean that we repair products for less.
We are so confident in our repair team and quality control processes that we offer the Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee*.   This guarantee ensures that if you receive your unit from us and the problem has not been corrected we will refund the price, send UPS to pick up your unit, repair it at no cost and ship it back to you for free. In addition, United Camera warranties its repairs for six months on conventional film cameras and lenses, and 90 days on all other digital products.
Many major manufacturers have entrusted United Camera to repair their products. If you do not see your product or manufacturer listed here, chances are we can repair it and bring it back to factory specifications. Call us at 866.488.8227 to see.


                                                                                                                         PS / Compact         Mirrorless      Mirrorless                                    Music Devices /
Tablets           Smartphones           Lenses           Flashes           
Cameras              Cameras         Lenses         Camcorders        Game Consoles
Canon            Amazon                Apple                  Canon            Canon              Canon                  Canon           Canon              Canon                   Apple

Nikon                Acer                 Samsung               Nikon              Nikon                Nikon                   Nikon             Nikon                 JVC                  Microsoft
Panasonic        Apple                                            Panasonic         Sony              Panasonic               Sony              Sony             Panasonic             Nintendo
Samsung         ASUS                                            Samsung                                Samsung                                                            Samsung                 Sony
Sony              Microsoft                                            Sony                                       Sony                                                                    Sony


*You must call 866.488.8227 within 5 business days of receiving your unit to notify us of the problem. If the problem continues after we have worked together to solve it,
we will send a shipping label to you to retrieve the unit. Upon verifying your claim, we will refund the cost of your repair and return it to you free of charge.

United Camera is not affiliated with Apple Inc. Repairs by United Camera may result in Apple’s warranty coverage being voided or excluded.

Repairs done right or they are free