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Photo taken by Night Safari participant Barb Noverini         Photo taken by Night Safari participant Barb Noverini
(Photos taken by Night Safari participant Barb Noverini)

Chicago Photo Safaris
 leads local, regional, national and international tours for photo enthusiasts, providing valuable information about when and how to use those controls most of us never bother to learn.  These fun outings can last 2 hours or 2 weeks!  Using promotion code UNITED saves you 30% on a Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, or Night Safari!
Recent safari participant survey responses:
“I have been a teacher for over 30 years. [The safari leader] has a wonderful way of communicating concepts so they are understandable.”
“Overall - very educational and worth every penny.”
“The best lesson I've ever had!”
“I learned more in three hours than I have learned in three years!”
“[The safari leader] did a great job of dumbing things down for me. I knew that she was very knowledgeable on the subject and would be able to answer all sorts of advanced questions. My questions were simple though and she kept her answers short and sweet which is what I wanted. She didn't try to elaborate with too much information.”
“[The safari leader] really cared and wanted us to learn. More importantly, she wanted us to try different things. I am a beginner and I didn't feel stupid about any question I had. She is supportive and encouraging as an instructor.”
“I appreciated the Safari's explanations of basic photography and helping learn
to use my point and shoot digital camera.”
“I now have the confidence to experiment with the features of my camera and not use the "green auto" button. I have an understanding of what types of effects I can get with different settings and have the knowledge about how to set these settings. I am excited to try them out!”
Sign up today for your photo safari by visiting or calling 312-789-5645 and mention discount code 'United' for $30 in savings.

Thanks to the Youth Center Digital Photography Project for the following link:
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